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Job Application Tracker Spreadsheet for Google Sheets

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Easily track and organize your job applications with this Google Sheets job application tracker!

If you're on the job search, this Google Sheets job application tracker spreadsheet may be the perfect resource for you. Easily use this spreadsheet to track job applications, view upcoming interviews, and organize your offers. This job application tracker for Google Sheets is your all-in-one organizer!


+ Easily organize and track up to 200 job applications! Track the status, important details about the job, and more! The Applications tab is equipped with 5 fully automated charts and other automated features to help keep you on track about upcoming applications that are due.

+ Include up to 50 job interviews and view automated calendars to see when those interviews are! This should help you stay organized and better plan for your interviews!

+ Track and compare up to 50 job offers! See how the salaries compare to other offers you’ve gotten and track important details about the job to help you make the best and most informed decision!

+ Access the spreadsheet anywhere via Google Drive / Google Sheets.

+ Use on desktop, tablet, and mobile, but works BEST and is recommended to use on desktop (more details below).

Spreadsheet is for Google Sheets ONLY. This is a digital product. No physical item will be shipped. You will receive access to the product immediately after purchase.
What you will receive

With your purchase you will receive a delivery PDF with the link to your spreadsheet and detailed instructions on your spreadsheet on how to use it.

Pages Included

This spreadsheet contains 5 pages:

+ ‘How To Use’ page
+ ‘Start’ page
+ ‘Applications’ page
+ ‘Interviews’ page
+ ‘Job Offers’ page

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this spreadsheet work with Excel?

No, these spreadsheets are for Google Sheets only. To use them, you only need a free Google account set up.

Is this a one-time purchase?

Yes! All of our products are a one-time purchase. You get unlimited access after purchasing!

What currency is the spreadsheet in?

All of our spreadsheets can be used with any currency! Currency customization instructions are included in the spreadsheets.

Who can use this spreadsheet?

Anyone with a (free) Google account can use this spreadsheet!

Can these spreadsheets be used on mobile and tablet devices?

Yes! We highly recommend using the free Google Sheets app to avoid formatting issues. However, we believe that the best experience is computers and laptops.

Can you reuse this spreadsheet?

Yes! There are detailed instructions inside on how to reuse this spreadsheet. Once you purchase, you have unlimited access to use and reuse the spreadsheet.

Do you accept refunds?

This is on a case-by-case basis. If you have any concerns after making a purchase, please reach out to us and we will work with you to find the right solution!

Can I use this spreadsheet to create my own product?

No, a purchase of this spreadsheet is for personal use only. Commercial/public use of any kind of this product is prohibited. You may NOT resell, share, reproduce, or distribute this product at all – either in part or full, or with or without modifications.

Please reach out to us with any other questions regarding our spreadsheets.

Access Instructions

After making a purchase, you will be given delivery PDFs that contain the links to access your spreadsheets. Once you click the links inside, you will be prompted to make a copy of your spreadsheets to your Google account. Then they are yours to use!

Job application tracker Google Sheets
Job Application Tracker Spreadsheet for Google Sheets
Job application tracker spreadsheet
Job Application Tracker Spreadsheet for Google Sheets
Job Application Tracker Spreadsheet for Google Sheets
Job Application Tracker Spreadsheet for Google Sheets
Job Application Tracker Spreadsheet for Google Sheets
Jop application tracker template for Google Sheets
Job Application Tracker Spreadsheet for Google Sheets
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
My second template I've purchased from thi...

My second template I've purchased from this shop and I love it! I love all the features and its super motivating to see the charts/graphs as I apply for internships!

Good quality, just what I needed

Good quality, just what I needed

Looks amazing, I can't wait to use it

Looks amazing, I can't wait to use it

It's definitely a help in keeping track of...

It's definitely a help in keeping track of my job applications : D

I love that I made this purchase!

I love that I made this purchase!

What Customers Have Said

Love the spreadsheet - I've been looking for a simple and compelling way to keep track of my travel clients. So glad I found PalmAndGraceDesigns!

Customer, Travel Agent Planner

These spreadsheets are so well designed, organized, and easy to use! So happy with the purchase and will be buying more from here!

Cassie, Content Calendar

This is a life saver! Or rather, saves so much time for a social media newbie like me. It breaks out the structure of a post and gives plenty of options for continued use. Thanks!

Jennifer, Content Calendar

This spreadsheet is super easy to use and customizable to my needs. It's helping me keep everything straight while planning my first cruise vacation.

Raven, Cruise Planner

I have tried several social planners but this is absolutely EXCEPTIONAL! Thank you SO MUCH for removing a significant amount of pain from my daily life. ;)

Kristy, Content Calendar

I only wish I had found this earlier! It was so easy to download and use.

Renée, Party Planner

LOVE the layout of the planner!! Helps me keep track of all of my ideas & goals for my account. Easy to use, 10/10!!

Gabrielle, TikTok Content Planner

Bought this spreadsheet for my daughters business. We both love it! It’s been amazing for her business!

Angel, Bakery Business Planner

This is a super easy "TO DO" list which will keep me on schedule during this busy holiday season... and beyond. (And it's pretty to look at too!) Leah is a wiz at these templates. I highly recommend her shop.

Customer, To Do List